How I Got Here

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Born and raised in Vermont, I am quite the maple syrup enthusiast. You could call me the original Elf. I have experienced most of what Vermont has to offer. From conservation and outdoor activities to owning a small business in one of Vermont's biggest tourist towns to representing Vermont as Miss Vermont USA. 

I have quite the entrepreneurial spirit, as well as being able to communicate with spirits, and am also a fan of whiskey. One might say I'm a spirit master!

I have an optimistic and humorous approach to anything life throws my way and always follow my inner guidance over anything. I puts my heart and soul into competing with myself to constantly improve my mind, body, and soul.

I graduated high school with college courses under my belt and a completed apprenticeship program as a cosmetologist, which allowed me to begin my career in the beauty industry at 18. Shortly after high school, I attended the Women's Small Business Program with the goal to open a salon and train those with the same passion. All of which I accomplished. 

In November of 2011, I won Miss Vermont USA while opening my doors for business the following day, for the first time. As overwhelming as the two jobs were, I ran and operated my salon while representing Vermont at the National Miss USA pageant and participating in community service events around the state.

After my decade-old salon became collateral damage in a fire in Stowe, I embraced the change and became a mother and a certified health and life coach. What was once Lush Stowe became Grounded and Glammorous to suit my evolution. I now travel throughout the Green Mountain State, accommodating luxury weddings for hair and makeup services with my team of artists.

I have a deep-rooted passion for quiet time and time spent outside - gardening, hunting and fishing, and exploring the north woods. Creating habitat on our properties for big and small game alike while watching nature flourish is an important part of my outdoor experience with my family and to maintain a grounded state.

To further my involvement in the outdoors, I serve on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board as wildlife and forestry management is a necessity in our ever-growing community. I hope exercise my knowledge in business, coaching and the outdoors to be a part of a solution. A solution to create balance, consider all perspectives and develop strategies that work to benefit humans and wildlife!

A very important thing to know about me is my entrepreneurial spirit is always very active and there's always something up my sleeve.

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