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Brides: Most Important Vendors To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding today can be overwhelming with endless possibilities and online searches. But, how do you know who's legit? How do you know who can trust? How do you know if the vendor is reliable? How do you know the vendor won't show up a hot mess?

Over the last two decades, I've seen it all. I've witnessed vendors no-showing, arguing with their clients, bringing an ego like no other, not coming prepared, and even worse, treating everyone, including other vendors, like the gum stuck to the bottom of their shoe.

I can't speak for everyone, but I can imagine no bride wants any of this to happen on their wedding day. There are a handful of vendors you choose that will dictate the mood of your special day. It's a wise decision to either know your vendors, get great referrals from other vendors, or see their portfolio. Even better, if you know someone who's used their services, ask about their personal experience, as your day should be as seamless as possible.

Most Important Wedding Vendors

The four most important vendors to consider for your special day:

Wedding Planner


Hair and Makeup


Ok, so maybe five if you have separate hair and makeup artists. I chose these five vendors because these are the people you will be spending the majority of your time with.

Wedding Hair, Makeup and Photographer

You will be spending countless hours engaging with hair and makeup artists, as well as photographers. Leading up to your wedding, you will most likely schedule engagement shoots and trial runs, which will allow you to get a good sense of your comfort level with them. This is important because these three will most certainly set the vibe and ease of your special day.

Hair and makeup artists will likely be some of, if not the first, people you see when you wake, so you want to make sure they're bringing all of the positive vibes. They'll also be in your personal space all day, so if you don't like their energy, you may want to reconsider.

As a healer, I understand the importance of people being in your personal bubble more than anyone. For example, when you're styling someone's hair, a massive transference of energy occurs through the crown chakra. Keep that in mind.

I'll take this opportunity to insert a little plug here. As a part of my daily meditation ritual, I ground, surround, and protect. On days my team and I do weddings, I add a little something extra to ensure everything goes smooth. Travel, arrival, set up, staying on time, if not ahead of schedule. I want to ensure the bride and her party are always on time. And it always works! If I need to be up at 3:30 am to meditate, you can bet I will be, and I've done just that many times before. If that's not going the extra mile for my clients, I don't know what is.

Where was I? Oh, yes.

Photographers will also be all up in your bubble but in a different manner from hair and makeup. Take into consideration; you'll be relaxing in lingerie, chilling in pajamas, and likely getting dressed in front of your photographer. So you want to make sure you're incredibly comfortable with this crew. It could make for awkward photos if you're not. Speaking of awkward, if you or your other half aren't comfortable in front of the camera, be sure the photographers know how to counterbalance that!

Wedding Planner

If you choose to have a wedding planner, this is someone you will be spending a massive amount of time corresponding with leading up to the wedding. You want to make sure they fully understand your vision and needs so you don't feel like you're going crazy giving multiple explanations. You also want to make sure they're following your vision and not their own.

Wedding Venue

You'll be spending quite some time at your venue and corresponding with the owners or management. Whether staying on or off-site, these are the people playing a massive role in decisions regarding your special day. Ensuring they're taking care of things you might not have thought of is essential—breakfast, lunch, coffee, mimosas, steamer, sewing kit, hanging racks, etc. Random but helpful tip: Bring safety pins! We're asked almost every wedding for safety pins.

All other vendors are obviously of equal importance when seeing your special day through. However, you won't spend as much time with them, so you don't have to like them. Haha! Of course, I'm kidding! You certainly do!

Every vendor is incredibly important in and of themselves, especially when it comes to your vision. But, above all, you want to ensure they look out for your best interest when seeing that vision come to life.

I know many of you choose destination weddings, so it might be tough to gauge some details. If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it's to 100% trust your gut! If something feels off, the vendor isn't for you. If you haven't met the person or seen their work, but something deep within you tells you you HAVE to go with them… 110% do it!

Remember, it's your day!

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