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What's Your Ammo? Part 1

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Hi, I’m new in this world of blogging, so let me introduce myself. I’m Jamie Dragon! Yes, my last name is real and not a made-up “stage name,” as some might believe. However, I will, at some point along our journey, tell you how I ended up with this awe-some last name!

For those who may not know me or those who think they do(but don’t), I’m here to put myself on an olive branch(Yes, I like olives. Black olives though, the green ones are nasty, unless they’re fresh, none of those green ones with the red things in the middle, yuck!) and clear up any preconceived notions some may have. And although it’ll be fun dishing details about me and my life experiences, this blog is actually about you! Yes, I know every pertinent detail about your life and will share it here! I’m just kidding, but there is a community for those of you who are serious about personal enrichment to join so we can interact with one another! Go to to join! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog while you're there so you never miss a post! More on that later. For now, as Toby Keith would say, “I wanna talk about me...”

For as long as I can remember, I have been setting and crushing my extensive list of goals which includes obtaining my cosmetology licensure while in high school, taking college courses at Champlain College while also in high school, completing the Women’s Small Business Program, opening my first business before age 25, and successfully running it for almost a decade before tragedy struck (more on that later), completing multiple healing modality certifications and courses, holding the title of Miss Vermont USA and representing Vermont at Miss USA, becoming a Certified Health and Life Coach, realizing I’m a psychic/medium (yup, it’s true!), getting married, becoming a mom, and so much more!

I’ve always been asked why I seemed to do all of these seemingly unrelated things, but the only answer I could give was that an opportunity presented itself, I felt compelled, and I went for it! I intuitively knew there was a purpose even though I had no idea what that purpose was. I have been guided by my intuition and what I’ve called blind faith all my life. I’ve hardly had tangible evidence or explanations for these blind faith decisions; however, that blind faith has rarely led me down the wrong rabbit hole.

For almost a decade of my 18 years in the beauty industry, I ran my salon, Lush Stowe, trained one and a half apprentices(more on that later), and loved it! There’s nothing more I enjoy than lifting someone’s spirit by making them feel refreshed and empowered in their own skin by merely enhancing their look. Over time though, I realized you could change your appearance time and time again and never be happy with the results(personally and through others). Making it my mission to find approval from others and through my clients’ happiness, I learned it would never come from exterior reconstruction. That kind of joy, emotional freedom, and contentment only comes from within.

Throughout my entire career in the beauty industry, there was a constant pull to impact people in a much greater way than by creating a temporary change. I also felt there was a greater purpose to all of my accomplishments, and with that came this constant anxiousness to find out what was next.

For about three years, I was extremely indecisive about the direction in which I wanted to take my business. I had been running myself ragged day-in and day-out, exhausting all of my options for growth when all of a sudden, things seemed to be lining up. The universe finally produced a suitable space to expand my business in July of 2018, so I took the leap of faith and got to work!

For months, I worked day and night to renovate what I thought would be the last and final home for Lush Stowe. And the last it was...

Eight short months later, in March of 2019, my world came to a screeching halt when someone set fire to the building that housed my beautiful new expansion. In complete shock and awe, everything I worked so hard for over the last 18 years had vanished overnight.

The months following the fire were a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs. Not only was I trying to keep my bridal business operating to have cash-flow, but I was also navigating an insurance claim. If you’ve ever dealt with a business insurance claim, you know how obnoxiously time-consuming and tedious it is. On top of that, I was trying to explain to people why we were canceling their salon appointments with no idea when we would be able to operate again. Not to mention, I found out that my husband and I were expecting our first baby! Luckily I was meditating about an hour a day at that point; otherwise, I would’ve lost my shit! I knew I was not fond of roller coasters for a reason.

Trying to keep up with the shit storm that ensued in my life, I realized I wasn’t meant to continue doing hair. I was willing to reopen something small for my employees; however, they didn’t want me to do that just for them. I’ve never been that person who’s been able to make choices that benefit only my well-being. Thus far in my life, all decisions were made with everyone else’s well-being as the priority and myself as a distant second. However, God was presenting me with the opportunity to change that... which led me here.

Through the ashes of Lush Stowe rose Grounded and Glammorous! Continuing down my extensive list of goals, I’ve become certified in health, life, and transformational-method coaching, bringing a soul to whole approach to healing, happiness, and contentment!

Join me on this journey as I share the ebbs and flows of my life experiences while helping you achieve emotional freedom, rise to heights you didn’t know you could reach, and become the badass your creator designed you to be. I’m not for the faint of heart, I’m certainly not going to coddle you, and I might even hit some triggers. This blog is a guide to get you out of your own way. You might even be forced to take a look in the mirror and hold yourself accountable for the direction your life is heading. You’ll also receive a balanced dose of advice to enhance every aspect of your personal and professional lives that will take you from surviving to thriving!

A little insight into some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Utilizing the free resources at your fingertips… knowledge is power

  • Focus on you, your goals, and your desires

  • Let go of attachments

  • Adopt an attitude of abundance and gratitude

  • Follow your inner guidance and not what others tell you to do

  • Recognize signs and learn how to listen and trust them

  • Discover the motivation which is driving the change you desire

  • Rewrite the stories you’ve been told all of your life that have skewed your beliefs

  • Learn healing techniques that might be a bit non-conventional to begin healing your past and present wounds

  • Find humor and positivity amidst a stressful situation

  • Hold yourself accountable

  • Find happiness and contentment from within

  • Find your authentic self

  • Discover the motivation in which is driving the change you desire

Are you ready to take control of your life? Let’s find your driving force so you can have it all.

What’s your ammo?

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