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What's Your Ammo? Part 2

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

If you’ve visited my website, you may have noticed some of the exciting and unique services I offer… just not at the moment. Why? It’s not time yet! So, you might be wondering how the heck I could help you now by just word vomiting in a blog or why I say it’s not time yet. I’m glad you’re wondering! And if you’re not, I’m going to tell you anyway. Keep reading.

From experience, I can tell you that I have overcome most of my anxieties and fears by research and reading rather than one-on-one help. It’s safe to assume that you possess a device at all times. With that comes an abundance of information. Some utilize it, and others don’t. Why not? I attribute that to either laziness, making excuses, or simply not knowing where to begin. If it’s laziness or excuses for you, ask yourself what’s getting in the way of all this beautiful information. If it’s a lack of knowing where to begin, I and many others can offer guidance. Either way, keep following to learn how!

There is plenty for you to get a head start on before we work one-on-one together. Perhaps the resources I provide will help you to narrow down the area you need further guidance. That resource might not be me, and that’s okay too! My main concern and focus here are you!

As a hairstylist and business owner, I adopted an attitude of putting my client and their needs first. I learned not to develop an unhealthy attachment to my clients as if they were “Mine!” It's kind of like how toddlers claim every toy their friend/sibling has or how puppies hoard all of your socks, underwear, and shoes in their crate. You have to remind them while taking it away, “Not yours!” I always tried to make my clients aware that if I couldn’t provide the results they were looking for, I’d be happy to refer them to someone else. If a client chose to leave, maybe their reasoning had nothing to do with the results I could or couldn’t produce, but they just wanted permission to move on. The moral here is, no one needs your permission to make a decision that works best for them, nor should anyone feel guilty for doing so. For me, putting that on the table was important and could remove any awkwardness. People knowing I had their best interest at heart was what mattered most to me. The second moral of the story is, it’s uncomfortable and unacceptable for people to make others their property or possession. I’ll touch base on this type of attachment in another post.

I had worked in environments where stylists would get very upset if one of “their” clients ended up in another stylist’s chair, whatever the reason might have been. Maybe the client needed to get in sooner, the receptionist made a mistake, or perhaps the client wanted to try another stylist. Either way, it was uncomfortable for all parties involved. I recognize most stylists work on commission and one less client is one less commission. I don’t remember ever having looked at it that way, though, and if I did, I grew out of it quickly. It could be that I’m more aware of my surroundings and peoples’ feelings by merely being an empath, which is a blessing and a ... well, I'm not going to say it because then I'd be manifesting it! I was also introduced to “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne as a teenager.

The Secret is great book to get started in honing the power of manifesting the life you truly desire. I'd give you more information, but it's clearly a secret! You also have to do some of the work yourself... I'm going to do it all for you! If you're like me and can't ever seem to find the time to sit down, put your feet up, and physically read a book, I highly recommend downloading Audible. It's how I take in ninety-nine percent of the book I "read." Also, with the new "normal," my only outings consist of driving around aimlessly, so I might as well feed my brain.

What is an empath, you ask? The dictionary states an empath is; a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Yes, I can pick up on someone’s thoughts, emotions, and energy before I even enter a room. I say it’s a blessing and a... (again, I'm not going to say it) because before I was keenly aware of this “gift” or “ability,” I would at times take on the feelings and emotions of others. That meant, I was a chameleon(by the way, every time I say that word, I hear a classmate from high school singing Chameleon by Boy George). The benefit was that I could very quickly read a room, and I could feed off that energy! The pitfall was getting caught up in the insecurities, anxiety, fears, and stresses of those around me. I sometimes fed off that energy depending on the state I was in; whether I was grounded(more on that later). This was not favorable. If you are an empath and experience the highs and lows of those around you, perhaps you need to learn to ground yourself.

As I mentioned in my last post, some of the most valuable tools I can offer you, along with what I’ll be covering in my future posts include:

  • Utilizing the free resources at your fingertips… knowledge is power

  • Focus on YOU, your goals, and your desires

  • Let go of attachments

  • Adopt an attitude of abundance and gratitude

  • Follow your inner guidance and not what others tell you to do.

  • Recognize signs and learn how to listen and trust them

  • Discover the motivation which is driving the change you desire

  • Rewrite the stories you’ve been told all of your life that have skewed your beliefs

  • Learn healing techniques that might be a bit non-conventional to begin healing your past and present wounds

  • Find humor and positivity amidst a stressful situation

  • Hold yourself accountable

  • Find happiness and contentment from within

  • Find your authentic self

Don't forget to check out "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, if you want to get a head start on manifesting the life you desire! For those of you that can't sit still, you can download Audible!

Keep reading to discover your motivation and your path to emotional freedom!

P.S. and by the way... I don't benefit from these links!

What's your ammo?

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