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Do You Need a Fairy Godmother?

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Can you not get out of your own way? Are you living in a Looney Tunes episode to the point that you pass a hundred signs that say "This Way," "Here's the solution," "This is the path to freedom," and you still ignore them only to have an anvil fall on your head, squash you, all your belongings and that rickety old car your driving. Your cute puppy escaped, though, and is pouncing and barking in circles around you while mocking you to the tune of "I told you so!" Damn those cute puppies! They're like babies; God made them so cute that you can't just leave them in a box on the side of the road and hope a lovely family comes along to take them home when they give you a hard time. And if you have ever done that, what's the nice way to say this? Yea, there isn't; you're just a terrible person.

Now back to the cartoon you call your life. Let's talk about your inner guidance? Yeah, all of those signs are your inner guidance. Especially if that one road sign you've never noticed in the thousand times you've traveled a road finally stands out to you, and you wonder if that's a sign. Yes, that's your sign. That is now, in fact, God's way of saying, "since you won't listen to me guiding you, I'm making this painfully obvious!" So I want you to now ask yourself how many times you've ignored yourself and those visual signs. You're probably slapping your face in your palm and rolling your eyes at yourself, aren't you? So how do you utilize this inner guidance and get out of your own way? It's easy! Stop hesitating and second-guessing yourself. Just do it!

Right, "it's that easy, Jamie," you say… I'm glad you have my life all figured out. You're right; it may not be easy. But do you want to keep living the way you are? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. How is that working for you?

When you have that unsettling feeling something is off, and you should call your friend or your parent, call them! Chances are they're about to contact you, or your reaching out will make their day because they're having a hard time. When you have the feeling deep in your gut to take a detour to work, do it! You think, ugh, I don't want to go 3 minutes out of my way because I'll be late, when in fact you'll now be 20 minutes late because you're stuck in accident traffic. Or what about that feeling you get so deep in your bones that you need to warn a friend not to go on that road trip, and you think, "Oh, they'll totally think I'm crazy!" Then she gets in a fender bender along the way. That all could've been avoided had you warned her to reschedule. And these "direct messages" don't always have to be warnings. That's right. They could be a message from someone from the other side. So the next time you're prompted over and over again to reach out to a friend or even an acquaintance to tell them they're late grandpa is with them and thinking of them, you shouldn't hesitate or think you've gone insane. It's a beautiful gift, and chances are, they'll have said, "You know, I was wondering why I had been thinking about him so much," or "That's funny, I just found an old photo of the two of us tucked away in my wallet, I guess he wanted me to know he was here." More on that later!

So, now that you're aware of your innate thoughts and the physical signs, next time your gut tells you to take a detour, you can think of me saying, "Really? You're worried about a 3-minute detour?" While I roll my eyes at you. Having a mini-me on your shoulder has proven to be effective for a lot of my friends. You should try it! If you do, though, I'd like to be wearing a white and gold sequined gown, gold stilettos, have soft pink fairy wings, a gold wand, giant diamonds, and ride a unicorn with a soft pink mane and tail(to match my wings of course) and a robin egg blue horn.

Now that you have a clear vision of your fairy godmother, go forth and learn to listen to your intuition. And if you don't, I'll bonk you on the head with my wand!

We all need a fairy godmother! Mine happens to live on an island and is one of the greatest spiritual healers and shapeshifters of all time. I'm pretty sure I've seen her turn into a unicorn once. Nope, but definitely an eagle! I met her several years into my heightened awareness and what I was experiencing as "gifts." At the time, they were more like nightmares! She helped me understand what I was experiencing, was not abnormal, and was manageable. Believe it or not, it didn't require meds or a straight jacket, though some days I, and I'm sure others thought I needed one! Haha! Apparently, I'm just psychic, a medium, and a healer. I just needed to surround, ground, and protect from all these spirits knocking down my doors! I've now spent years being mentored by her and honing in on these gifts. I've got plenty of stories!

Believe it or not, understanding these abilities has made my anxiety fall by the wayside! If you have unexplained anxiety and often feel overwhelmed, you need to read her book! Wait for it; it's called "The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety: Simple Spiritual Tools to Find Peace, Awaken the Power Within, and Heal Your Life" by Pat Longo.

She is a miracle worker, has helped me tremendously, and has also mentored several psychic mediums and healers that most of you probably know. The Long Island Medium is one; whose books are quite entertaining! My favorite is "You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Life-Changing Lessons From Heaven" by Theresa Caputo.

It's hilarious, and she gives an excellent insight into her experiences and learning to harness her gifts. Theresa's books deeply resonate with some of what I experience daily.

For now, here's some ammo! Take care of that anxiety, would you? Go read Pat's book! Or download Audible and listen if you're constantly on the go!

P.S. and by the way... I don't benefit from these links!

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