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Can One Person Change The World?

An Extended Learning Coordinator from a nearby middle school recently contacted me. This educator spearheads an initiative allowing middle school students to dip their toes into careers that might interest them in the future. So, I was asked to speak to students interested in a career in makeup.

Side note: Some of you may not know one of the things I loved most about my salon (before it was burned to the ground by a pyro) was teaching the apprentices I had, both of which still work with me in one capacity or another.

Naturally, I jumped at this opportunity, and we all got way more than we bargained for! I re-realized my love of teaching young minds eager to learn and they, not knowing my many facets, got a lesson in goal setting, tools, and resources to combat stress and anxiety, add so much more in addition to makeup! Even though these students were receptive and opened up about personal struggles, I still wondered if I bore the crap out of them! But, even if I did, my mind was flooded with ideas in the 24 hours that followed!

I received an email the following day and a card from them a week later with proof that these students had gained inspiration and confidence their peers and educators had never seen in them before. This melted my heart and made me tear up! I also realized more than ever how much young adults NEEEEED and CRAVE guidance in all of these areas:


•Personal development

•Makeup tips

•Fashion and what's appropriate for every day as opposed to what they see in magazines and social media

•How to interact with their peers with compassion

•Managing stress and anxiety

This solidified that the path I'm on to creating online courses IS, IN FACT, the right direction. You know how I talk about blind faith and listen to your gut all of the time? Well, when you're on the right path that was perfectly curated for you by our creator, things WILL fall into place naturally! This is proof, my friends!

So, I've created an after-school program for middle and high schoolers! It's a four-part series where they learn the basics of makeup and how to present themselves with confidence and dignity. They'll also learn how to shift paradigms, learn basic nutrition for energy and focus, learn healthy habit forming, decrease stress and anxiety, and create the life they dream of! I'm starting with the local schools, where they can either come to me after school or I go to the schools as a guest speaker. I'll be looking for grants and scholarships to help with this initiative for those who may not have the means to join. So if any of you know about a particular grant that would be helpful, please reach out! Any help would be appreciated!

You're probably thinking, well, I want to learn basic everyday makeup tips too! I'm not surprised! You wouldn't believe the interest from people who want basic makeup instruction and tools and resources for managing the busy do-it-all lifestyles we all live. So if you're interested, check out the flyer below and let me know! Get some friends together, and we can meet at my office, or I can come to you!

Not local? Let's zoom!

For those that think makeup is about vanity... I beg to differ. It's about creativity, putting your best foot forward, and taking pride in caring for yourself. It promotes a sense of confidence and a grab-the-bull-by-the-horns attitude! I've decided I can change the world, one makeup lesson at a time!

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7-Step Guide To Unlearn Blocks And Unleash A Life Of Abundance!

coming... sometime soon!


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