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How Hunting Increased My Spiritual Gifts And Brought Balance Into My Workaholic Life

'Tis the season

I'm not talking about Christmas, even though I already have my Christmas decorations up, and I've been watching Hallmark Christmas movies since July. Guilty! I'm talking about fall because it's still 50 and raining outside.

For most, fall is the time for cable-knit sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and epic colorful weddings. I love all of those things! Especially creating the perfect fall vibe by doing hair and makeup for those epic fall weddings while drinking a pumpkin spice latte in my cable knit sweater. Okay, that's a stretch. I don't own a cable knit sweater... but that's beside the point! Over the years, I've grown to develop a new fall love… hunting season. Now, before you have any kind of reaction, hear me out.

Controlling Childhood Fears

I grew up being afraid of the dark for two reasons. 1. Having the ability for spirits to communicate with me and 2. The eerie noises animals make in the night. So what was worse than being in my own room in the dark was being in the woods, alone, in the dark. The noises combined with the thought of being lost in the woods, nope! If you haven't heard the noises porcupines, owls, and raccoons make, you'd think you were about to be snatched by Sasquatch while being abducted by aliens simultaneously! It's creepy AF! But let me tell you, I'd take my chances with Sasquatch and aliens over some of the ghost encounters I've had. But I can assure you the scariest thing I've run into in the woods is crossing paths with Pepe la pew. No, I didn't get sprayed. Thank God!

So let me explain how hunting has increased my spiritual gifts and awareness and brought balance into my workaholic life. Oh, and let's not forget how it cured my fear of the dark.

Everyone would agree we live in a world that is ever-expanding in technology. As a result, virtually everything we do, wear, or encounter revolves around electromagnetic waves, which interfere with our body's ability to ground. This causes disconnect and anxiety, which is the opposite of what most people actually want and, to be frank, what we need as humans. So to combat this disconnect, we're all looking for ways to find balance and peace in our hectic lives. I found that peace in hunting. I beg to differ, as some might think hunting is barbaric and cruel. Haven't you seen the Lion King? It's called the circle of life. Humans need to eat meat just as much as dogs do. I'm not going to get into the benefits of brain health today, though. I'll save my nerd side for another time. And I only hunt an animal if I'm going to eat it.

I had no control over most anything growing up. I guess most children have no control; They're forced to do whatever their parents do. However, when you grow up in an abusive household(mine was short-lived, thankfully), you're forced to function out of force majeure and fight or flight for longer than anyone wants their body to be in the sympathetic mode.

So at the point in which I could have control over my life, I did. And boy, did I try to control EVERYTHING. I'm not saying a certain level of control over your life is bad because it's not, but when you try to force the things that make your life more difficult, that can be problematic. Let's say I learned to form a plan b or even a plan c when things didn't go my way. Which was a wonderful lesson that made me more fluid!

When you grow up tip-toeing around others, you learn to read body language, facial expressions, and energy incredibly well. So, needless to say, I'm winning in the interpersonal communications department! However, this created an openness that was not beneficial and actually damaging to my well-being. The number of emotions and energy I picked up from others was, at times, paralyzing. Often, I couldn't decipher other people's thoughts from my own. So being in the woods gave me a sense of peace I rarely had as such a people person.

Synchronicities and Purpose

Things changed when I started hunting. Instead of being overwhelmed with unwanted thoughts from others, I could finally hear my inner guidance loud and clear. Throw meditation into the mix, and the two combined provided clarity like never before. It was as clear as turning the chatter on and off with a switch. That level of grounding and increased clarity enhanced my spiritual practices.

Now the person who helped me hone in on those abilities is my spiritual teacher Pat Longo whose name was yelled at me during a meditation. I can't make this up. It was so loud I thought someone was standing right in front of me, so I opened my eyes, startled.

I googled this name immediately, which brought me to her website. I emailed her and said she likely knew why I was reaching out. I made an appointment, drove to Long Island, and she became my spiritual teacher.

The funny thing is the synchronicities that occurred years prior. I connected with someone who is a ghost hunter over lunch. She threw a book at me and told me I had to read it. It was by Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium. Pat Longo is, in fact, Theresa's spiritual teacher. It's been years, and I have yet to see this person again, who lives in the same town. My point is, that lunch was a hint. A hint I didn't hear because I didn't connect the dots, all while being right in front of me! That, my friends, is called your inner guidance. Every little thing and every person that pops up in our lives, is a message. The difference is whether or not you're paying attention to their purpose.

Everything Happens in Threes

Have you heard the saying, the third time's a charm, or everything happens in threes? There's a reason for it. Three is a divine number and has had great significance throughout history. It is said to be the perfect number and symbol of unity of the mind, body, and spirit(click for resource). So it's no surprise that my peace and abilities flourished through hunting, meditation, and the help of my spiritual teacher!

Hunting has a different meaning for everyone; for me, it bears a level of connectedness and grounding I had never felt. But, of course, most would never believe the spiritual experiences I have while hunting. They are way more unbelievable than a random voice yelling a name! But I'll leave you with that.

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