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How Giving Thanks Makes Big Impacts on your Happiness and Well-Being

This time of year brings a different meaning to everyone. For me, it’s a time to slow down, think nostalgically, and about all of the things I have to be grateful for, but a little more than usual.

As the temperature drops, Mother Nature begins its process of preservation mode and some creatures begin to retreat into hibernation for the season. It’s a time to reign in the hectic, the crazy, and the chaotic moments to take a deep breath and forget about the distractions that take my attention away from what’s important in life.

Life is busy, life is hard and for some, unfortunately, life is shorter than it should be. I don’t think anyone can argue about there being a million distractions that keep our eyes fixated away from what’s most important in life. We’ve been conditioned to give one day a year for thanks, but it’s up to each one of us individually to create a daily habit of thanks to not take those little things and people for granted.

As a teenager, I branched out into the concept of multiple streams of income. I began learning from financial gurus the importance of mindset and how to expand the conscious mind. I learned a lot about the habits of the brain and if you aren’t actively taking a role in programming it, it will be done subconsciously for you by your environment. Amidst learning these little golden nuggets, I set up daily habits for myself to positively influence my life.

One habit I began years ago was taking a moment each night to think about what I’m grateful for. This was a list comprised of the people closest to me, those I had short but impactful interactions with, and the little things that made my day. I later began manifesting and positively affirming the things I desired by being thankful for those things even if I did not yet possess them. Finally, it evolved into a combination of those habits along with daily meditation and grounding. So my daily routine consists of prayer, grounding, meditation, and manifestation.

The benefits of creating a daily habit of thanks are really quite impactful.

1. When you focus on the highlights of your day and the things you’re grateful for it shifts your perspective and you see the world through a different lens. The brain is designed to think negatively, so unless you are conscious about your thoughts you will be more likely influenced to think about the negative aspects of your day rather than the positive.

2. When you identify those things and people you’re most thankful for, you naturally begin prioritizing them.

3. Once you begin identifying and prioritizing the things and people that are most important to you, guess what chicken little!? You naturally become happier because you’re focusing on the positive things in life rather than the sky falling.

4. When you do all of these things, you gain more peace and love in your heart and soul, no matter what kind of chaos breaks out around you. Miss Ally Love says it best in every one of her classes...

So whether you’re the kind of person who gives thanks, once a year, once a month, or once a week, try giving a daily habit of thanks a whirl to see what kind of impact it has on your life. The only harm it can do is increase your happiness and well-being. And remember, creating a new habit without being prompted to do so takes time. So put a reminder in your phone, paper calendar, or both until it’s no longer needed. Or maybe even a sticky note on your nightstand or bathroom mirror to serve as a reminder.

I’d love to hear the impact this little offering has on your life after implementing this into your routine, so send me an email or DM on the socials!

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