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Those Who Look Like They're Wondering Are Not Lost

Sometimes we make perceptions of where ourselves and others should be in life's journey.

We make decisions and choices thinking we are in control. Some even influence, push, or make decisions for others.

The human ego would like to think it's in control, and maybe to a certain degree, it is. But there is a higher power that ultimately decides our fate. Only ignorance would think otherwise.

Have you tried repeatedly to make something work, only to get constant resistance? That's probably an indication that you're resisting being open to a path better suited for you. Or better yet, designed for you.

Be calm. Be still. Listen.

If you look for the silver lining when something appears to be going wrong, you might be pleasantly surprised. For example, you might find the road you were on wasn't right for you to begin with.

Your resistance to these hurdles dictates the struggle you endure.

Let go.

Be excited about new doors opening. Trust you are on the right path, regardless of where you end up.

Those who look like they're wondering are not lost. Instead, they've learned to follow their inner guidance and be led by something greater than their ego.

Those who try to control everyone and everything are, in fact, the ones who are lost.

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