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How to heal your past and attract the life you desire

We’ve all been in situations that are unhealthy for our well-being. At times, we can easily remove ourselves from these situations, and other times, not so much. We might even consider it as taking one for the team. “The team” could be a family member, friend, benefits, pension, your soul’s growth, etc. Whatever the reason, staying complacent doesn’t always mean you have to feel defeated. It simply provides us with the opportunity to grow amidst an unpleasant situation. These situations will happen to the best of us, despite our best efforts, at times. That’s inevitable. This is not a means for those that take advantage of the weak to thrive. Those that do so will be dealt their own hand in life’s game of karma. This is to give personal power and hope to those that feel they will never rise above the less than favorable circumstances they’ve been dealt.

There has been speculation in the metaphysical realm that we create every experience in our lives through the law of attraction, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant the situation. Some might argue that they didn’t attract an abuser in an abusive case. I can agree, to some extent. One might not have intentionally or consciously attracted that person or situation. However, it was manifested in the subconscious.

So what happens if this is true? This would mean that we would have to hold ourselves accountable for every single experience, no matter the extent of the bliss or punishment. I know this might be tough to grasp. However, our beliefs of the world and the people around us shape the very nature of the experiences we attract. So if we believe the world is unsafe, we will attract unsafe experiences. If we believe men are liars or women are cheaters, we attract dishonest partners. If we believe money is the root of all evil, we will never attract financial freedom.

Let’s take a new place of employment that has promising opportunities, only to turn into a volatile environment that you dread because of the offensive coworker you’re forced to face daily. This may have come to fruition because of a belief that nothing in life is easy, or you think people walk all over you. Perhaps, you grew up with family members that exhibited these similar behaviors of walking all over you or even manipulating you. These behaviors that we dislike and try to avoid, unfortunately, can become our unintentional focus. Remember the law of attraction from previous posts? What we focus on grows. So, although you have high hopes of a pleasant work environment, your focus was ultimately to stay away from the negative experiences you’ve had, thus attracting more of those experiences. Are you following me?

That rings true for all situations in life. I’ve learned through extensive personal development that the situations I’ve tried to avoid my whole life are what I unintentionally attracted. Had someone told me this before I began my journey, I would’ve asked them what they were smoking. You’re probably wondering the same about me, but I’ve never done a single drug in my life. You’ll have to start your own personal development journey to find out.

I’ll leave you with an example from my personal development journey. I, unfortunately, had a biological father who: talked down to me, made sure I knew my brother was his favorite through words and actions, physically and mentally abused me, kidnapped me, attempted to have me kidnapped from school by another person, amongst other terrible things a child should never endure. These experiences created a mindset that men were bad, I wasn’t worthy of many things, and no matter what I did, nothing was good enough, thus looking for constant approval from not only men but people in general. This led to many people’s attraction in my life who exhibited the same manipulative, controlling, and emotionally unavailable behaviors.

It’s unfortunate for any child to experience these circumstances. However, these experiences have created an awareness and resilience inside me that I am grateful for. I wouldn’t change anything about my past because I know I have the power to change the trajectory of my life. I feel like I’ve been given the opportunity through these experiences to help others understand that although we can’t change others and their actions, we have the power to change ourselves, our view of the world and others, thus changing our future experiences. The most significant impact this will have going forward is breaking a cycle of what once was. By changing how we treat others and raise our children differently from how we were raised, we will make a difference in the world.

I’d recommend starting by making a list of all of the things you dislike, are trying to avoid, or the negative things you talk about often. Then turn those negatives into a positive by thinking about what you would like to have instead. I’ve created a worksheet to make your life simpler! Just download the attachment and get to work! You can also check out other resources I recommend HERE.

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